TeamSpeak3 Servers

TeamSpeak 3 offers the ideal tool for online gaming, education and training, internal business communication, and staying in touch with friends and family. Our primary focus is delivering a solution that is easy to use, with high security standards, excellent voice quality, and low system and bandwidth usage. Featuring a client-server architecture, TeamSpeak 3 is literally capable of handling up to thousands of simultaneous users.

TeamSpeak3 Server

TeamSpeak3 Servers
  • 10 - 1024 player
  • Anti DDos TeamSpeak3
  • Daily Backup
  • MusicBot Free
  • Control Panel
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TeamSpeak Platform Features

Rent a stable and efficient TeamSpeak 3 server, with integrated DDoS protection and a complete dashboard.

Ease of use

All our services have an easy-to-use dashboard

Delivery speed

Your TeamSpeak server is ready to use after payment

DDoS Protection

With our advanced DDoS protected network, server grade hardware and highly coordinated technical team, HosT1Fire are able to offer unparalleled uptime and reliability.

TeamSpeak3 Solutions Starting at €1.50/month

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